Each link contains a set of desired outcomes, strategies and customizable tactics to uniquely brand your business.


Link Series

Link Series is the United Suppliers Crop Protection marketing platform. It is made up of important initiatives, on-farm trials, seed, sales and new technology. Each of these initiatives build upon each other to create a powerful marketing tool that we provide to our locally owned Retailers to help them increase their capabilities and competitiveness.

Why did United Suppliers develop the Link Series?

Development of the Link Series was a direct result of United Suppliers owners’ valuable feedback. Owners identified the most critical issues facing their business in the next 5-10 years. In line with our purpose of increasing our owners’ capabilities and competitiveness, a marketing platform was created to ensure their long-term sustainability.

Why Link Series?

Accelerate the adoption rates of innovative concepts while strengthening the capabilities of its participants.

Link targeted owners and their growers to aligned initiatives developed with specific manufacturers.

Long-term strategy designed to elevate our owner’s ability to deliver value and compete in the market place.

Customized approach utilizes the power of one voice while strengthening the independence of its participants to local strategies.

Deliver predictable market access


Molecule Link offers a competitive advantage and creates unique opportunities through product development. United Suppliers owns and operates Ag Precision Formulators which focuses on solving formulations and product development.

United Suppliers also offers a competitive post-patent purchasing opportunity exclusively to our Owners, called Direct Ag Source.

Innovation Link provides cutting edge technology to tomorrow’s grower with EDEN, our virtual garden database. By conducting on-farm trials, Innovation Trials, we are able to focus on new agricultural technology with weed management, nutrient efficiency and yield enhancement.

Each year we showcase our Innovation Trials at the Technology Exchange to share insight on the data gathered from EDEN.

Selling Link provides strategies and training designed to strengthen sales skills, knowledge and effectiveness at the farm gate. Our LinkUSup platform provides specific training videos that focus on agronomics, chemistry, selling strategies and skill development.

United Suppliers Business Resources team also has many trainings available in the field to help build and strengthen your sales team. If you are looking for a specific training, contact Business Resources today!

United Suppliers developed Seed Link to help our Owners outperform the market through a well defined plan in selling seed. Our team of Seed Link Account Managers work with specific local retailers developing marketing strategies that will help them strengthen their relationship with the grower.

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