Innovation Trials

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United Suppliers strives to deliver cutting edge technology through our Innovation Trials. Innovation Trials are on-farm trials that test advanced and experimental agricultural crop protection products or systems in your local areas. Our trials focus on weed management, soil applied herbicides, premium adjuvants, nutrient efficiency, yield enhancement, tank-mix partners, early innovation opportunities and more.

The purpose of our Innovation Trials is to create a unique experience for your locally owned retailer to partner with growers of tomorrow. This opportunity and unique relationship experience helps set them apart from the competition.

Last year our trials were tested in 14 states throughout the Midwest, conducted by your locally owned retailer. The outcomes of our trials deliver results that our Owners can implement into their product portfolio. We utilize a credible data platform, called EDEN, to provide data analysis that provides detailed data to help growers identify and correct yield-limiting factors. The result of this data helps determine whether we will implement new crop protection technologies to the field.