Business Resources

Business Resources

US Prime is a secure financial benchmarking tool that provides ag retailers with a relevant, Primary source of ag Retail financial information via the Internet, providing key industry Metrics and allowing the anonymous Exchange of data with peers.

To further enhance the capabilities and competitiveness of our Owners, United Suppliers’ Business Resources Business Unit offers organizational development and financial services support. This includes exclusive access to consultants and tools focused on business planning, leadership and skill development, sales training, succession planning, recruiting and retention, safety and compliance, financial benchmarking and accounting support.

Business Resources also maintains LinkUSup, an online learning and communications platform designed to keep Owners abreast of the latest agronomic, regulatory and professional development trends, and has an in-house Creative Services team that designs and prints customized marketing and promotional materials to help Owners differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Employee and Organizational Development Services


  • Leadership development
  • Sales development
  • Online learning & communication

Process Facilitaion

  • Value proposition development
  • Strategic planning
  • Disciplines of execution
  • Grower segmentation

Recruiting and Retention

  • Value proposition development
  • Role descriptions & promotion
  • Screening and interview resources
  • Internship program assistance
  • Onboarding & orientation
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Compensation analysis

Financial Services
  • Financial Benchmarking
  • Business Ownership Transition Planning
  • Financial/Accounting systems consultation

Creative Services & Printing
  • Company & product logo & branding
  • Marketing and collateral materials
  • Product guides & labels
  • Show & meeting support materials
  • Printing services

Safety & Compliance


LinkUSup is a premier online learning and communication tool brought to you by United Suppliers.
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