Josh Kaufman

Business Analyst
As a new grad, I wanted to stay in the area and work for an agriculture company. I was originally hired as an Owner Support Associate which allowed me to work in and learn all aspects of the Crop Nutrients Business Unit. I chose to work at United Suppliers in order to learn the business from all angles while applying that knowledge to many different projects for multiple departments. My promotion to Business Systems Analyst has been a great opportunity for me to expand on my knowledge of our systems and to help troubleshoot everyday problems. United Suppliers offers me something new every day to work through and my contributions are always appreciated. I enjoy coming to work because of the culture and the idea that I am contributing as a part of a team.

Ross Larson

Adjuvant Segment Marketing Manager
There is a culture here that is amazing. Family first, but the focus on people and their quality of life still impresses me. We work hard, but it does not feel like a job. I used to dread Sundays, but now I enjoy them considering the group of individuals I get to see and interact with during the work week. We use the term “Rock Stars” to describe strong talent in an organization. As I sit in a US meeting, I look around the room and wonder where the weak links are and find there are not any. The room is literally filled with such a high caliber of talent that it allows me to grow and challenge my skill level.

Olivia Kaiser

Marketing Intern
My marketing internship was so much more than running out and getting the bosses coffee (that didn't even happen once!). I was a member of the team. I worked on variety of projects, such as the Innovation Trials, event planning, internal branding, as well as wrote internal and external newsletters. I worked with an awesome team, had the opportunity to travel with sales representatives, and all the while I was gaining valuable insight and creating a competitive portfolio.

Richard Rowe

Business Advisor
United Suppliers makes a difference! Every day I get the chance to help increase our local Owners' capabilities and competitiveness and it shows in their businesses and most of all in our communities, far reaching effects on the culture and history of the farms our Owners work with. After severing 21 years of active duty service in the US Navy, coming to United Suppliers was like coming home; the mission, team and values are very similar just a different industry. I'm honored to be part of the United Suppliers family and most of all I'm able to make a difference! Employee since 2012

Aaron Burke

East Region Sales Manager
My employment with United Suppliers exceeds my expectations of professional fulfillment daily. United Suppliers has taught me that the joy of working in the field you prefer can be exceeded by the culture of the company and people you do your job with. Every United Suppliers employee has the opportunity to enjoy serving a purpose greater than themselves... our Owner. Employee since 2002